Online Support for Parents: Check out these FREE Resources!

Please check out these amazing online parenting supports for the challenging times we are currently are facing!
Arbor Circle brings parent support to you! Join us for our new virtual parenting series. This series will focus on connections between parents and ideas for facing the new challenges we find ourselves in.

Resilience in Parenting
Monday 8:30pm to 9:30pm
We are living through unfamiliar times with a lot of uncertainty. This can bring about fear and intense emotions. Parenting is already challenging and adding the stress from the current crisis can make it even more difficult. Join the Arbor Circle team on Monday at 8:30 pm for a chance to talk to hear ideas for building resilience in our parenting, chat with other parents experiencing the same thing and connect as we all work to adjust to our current reality.
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (872) 240-3412Access Code: 327-542-973

Parenting and Brain States
Thursday 4:30pm to 5:30pm
Are your children a little less calm than normal? Are little frustrations causing huge chaos. Join us on Thursday to talk about how our the crisis is impacting our emotional state and how we can regulate ourselves as parents to help our kids better manage their emotions.
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (224) 501-3412

Access Code: 255-183-125


Alward Caravan Parade-Monday, March 23rd at 9 AM

Good Evening Alward Families,

We have survived the first week and are missing all of you so much!  Something that we really want to focus on during our time off is to continue to make connections with our students and families.  Therefore, we are arranging an Alward Caravan Parade for tomorrow, Monday, March 23rd at 9 AM.  Thank you to Mrs. Walcott for helping create our route-see below.  We did the best we could to make it into every subdivision that is in the Alward attendance area.  We can’t wait to see our students, even if it is from our cars.  Hoping to see many of you tomorrow morning!!  Let’s kick-off week 2 with some smiles, laughter, and a few honks!

Staying connected,

Mrs. McClure

Route for the Alward Caravan Parade (I might have spelled some road names incorrectly.  Please forgive me!)
1) Alward Estates: Turn right onto Alward Drive to Maria to Chester and come back down to Alward drive back to Port Sheldon to 40th.
2) Georgetown Forest: Turn left on Sara Drive into Georgetown Forest.  Turn right onto Dale then continue onto Marian.  Turn right onto Cindy then follow the curve right onto Nancy.  Turn right onto Shaddy oak lane.  Turn right onto Blair. Left on Crest Lane.  Left on Gettysburg. RIght on Bridgeport and then right on crest lane.  Turn left on Lynne Anne. Turn right on Meadow Creek. Turn Left onto 40th.
3) Acadia: Turn right onto Acadia.  Left onto Yosemite.  Left on Glacier.  RIght onto Acadia.  RIght on Jasper.  Left on Zion.   Right on Bryce.  Right on Jasper.  RIght on Zion.  RIght on Bryce.  RIght on 36th.
4) Rosewood: Left onto Rosewood.  Go down to Rollinghills drive. Turn left onto Rollinghills Drive.  Turn right onto rollinghills court.  Turn right onto Michael Drive, curve to left.  Turn right onto Kevin Court.  Turn right onto Rosewood.  Turn left onto vintage drive.  Turn right onto Creekridge Drive. Right onto Rollingview Drive.  Right onto Port Sheldon.  Right onto Cityview Drive.  Left onto Rosewood.  Left onto High Meadow.  Right on Cityview.  Right onto Nobb Hill.  Left on Crown Point.  RIght on Meadow Glenn.  Take Meadow Glenn all the way to CLaymore.  Turn right onto Claymore.  Turn right on Stoneyridge.  Turn left onto 34th.  Left onto Nobb Hill.  RIght onto Goldenrod.  RIght on Timothy.  Left on Cityridge Drive.  Right on Longtail Drive.  Left onto Rosewood.  Left on 36th.
5) Beechgrove Subdivision.: Right onto Beechgrove.  Right onto North beech Court.  Turn around in culdesac.  Go straight to west beech court.  Turn around in culdesac.  Go back out to Beechgrove and turn right.  Turn right onto 36th.
6). Rush Creek: Go straight down 36th and turn left on Rush Creek.  Left on Rushview.  RIght on Harrison.  Left on 34th.  Left onto Port Sheldon.
7) Subdivision across from Alward: Turn left onto Brookefield Drive.  Turn left on Black Creek.  Follow the curve.  Turn right into Plainview Drive.  Curve left into Pebblefield Drive.  Left onto Brookefield Drive.  Follow the curve back to Port Sheldon.  Head back to Alward or head home!

Link to AES Daily Updates

Hi Everyone,

We are going to try to keep everyone posted with a Slide Show with Daily Updates that include resources and fun things for your kids to do while at home, similar to our morning announcements at school.  We love connecting with all of you so please continue to share pics on Facebook or email me with what you are doing at!  We want to stay connected to help make the days go by faster until we can head back to school!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are or your family need anything!  We have a great community with a lot of resources.  We miss you!

Staying connected,

Mrs. McClure

Links Wacky Wednesday STEAM/Science and More

Hi Everyone,

We love staying connected with all of you through social media, emails, read alouds, and sweaty workouts!  I have had a few requests to send links to things that we have done this week for people to view from our blog!  Take a look!  We are staying busy to help us stay connected to all of you!  We miss you!

Friday: Eagle Spirit-Share why you are proud to be a Hudsonville Eagle!

Thursday: Sports Day-Get up and move around!  Wear your favorite sports gear and share how you were active today!

Wacky Wednesday STEAM Challenge-Building a Parachute and Science Experiment-Growing Gummy Bears

  • Email me or post your pictures of your parachutes to our Facebook or Twitter page.  I will be updating Facebook with how our Gummy Bears are growing over the next 36 hours.  Try this experiment at home!  It is a fun one and a tasty treat (to eat the ones that you haven’t put into the liquids)!

Tuesday: Movement Tuesday!  We played the Dice Workout Game.  Here is the video!

Monday: Read Aloud with Mrs. McClure

Staying Connected,

Mrs. McClure


Wacky Science/STEAM Challenge Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

I hope your first two days at home have been going well!  I just wanted to reach out to see what activities our students may be interested in participating in tomorrow for our Wacky Science/STEAM Challenge.  Please ask your kids to pick their top 3 STEAM challenges and science experiments found on this Google Form Survey that they would like to see tomorrow!  I cannot wait…absolutely love all things science and STEAM!  Please vote by 7:00 tonight so I can announce tomorrow’s wacky challenge and experiment!  Continue enjoying the beautiful, sunny day!

Miss you all!

Mrs. McClure